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 Marcus Andrew McFord

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PostSubject: Marcus Andrew McFord   Sun 5 May 2013 - 18:10

Marcus Andrew McFord
Age: 16
House: Ravenclaw

Happily born into a pureblood family, Marcus was treated well and respected, despite the fact that their family was without prominent wealth. They lived in a small cottage in England. For the first seven years of his life, it was relatively normal, until one night, a howling drew him from his slumber and out the back door. He was unlearned in the lore of werewolves because they were so rare in the society he grew up in. Marcus had no idea what he was in for. He was attacked and ravaged by a werewolf whom he never learned the identity of. The only thing that saved him was his parents awakening to the sounds of his screams. His back was torn to shreds, scars that would be there for the rest of his life, and one large tear went across his chest, marring it.

So for the rest of his life, he would go through painful transformations every full moon. That did not dim his spirit. He was a smart boy, and he was as creative as they came. So despite his pureblood, his parents put him in muggle music lessons. He can play the piano and the guitar very well; he enjoys nothing more than playing the guitar though. Until he turned eleven and still got the letter from Hogwarts, he believed he would not be allowed to go to the school because of his lycropanthy. But Headmaster Snape was surprisingly forgiving, and told him that he could transform monthly in the Shrieking Shack hidden under the whomping willow. He even told him he’d make Marcus wolfsbane potion every month.

Marcus is very protective of his few friends that he has. He doesn’t like watching people mess with anyone, it angers him greatly to see people being treated that badly. His biggest dream is to find love, and when he was a fifth year, he saw a girl. The girl was everything he wanted; she was smart, sweet, funny, great at quidditch (which he sucked at), and to top it all off, she was pretty. Her name was Hazel Willinson, and she was in his year, and his house. Luckily, he was partnered with her in two potions projects (which was his worst subject) and the two became acquaintances. It never progressed into anything but him having a one-sided infatuation with her. This new year, his sixth year, he plans on spending it away from people as much as possible. Why?

His wolfish tendencies progressively have gotten worse; even while human he prefers raw meat, he has a hairy chest, his muscles are easily built up (he practically looks like a bodybuilder), and his temper is something to be feared. Marcus fears he’s going to end up hurting someone if he stays near people.
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Marcus Andrew McFord
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