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 Hydra Erin Nott

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PostSubject: Hydra Erin Nott   Sun 5 May 2013 - 13:16

Hydra Erin Nott
Age 16
Year 6

The first born of Camille and Cedric Nott, she was heavily spoiled by her loving and affectionate parents who both grew up without love. Her father often took her to museums and galleries (both of them being fans of the arts) and her mother taught her how to play quidditch. It was only two years into her life when her brother Orion Sean Nott was born into the family. Hydra was extremely clever even at a young age, and constantly tormented her brother; she loved nothing more than to prank him and mess with him at every chance she got. The two competed in everything, and much to his chagrin, the only thing he bested in her was the sport of quidditch.

By the time she was six years of age, and her newest sibling was born, Persephone Lavender Nott, she began getting horrible headaches. These headaches were horrible, confining her to her room and causing her to writhe in agony until another round of pain relief potions were administered to her. Nobody knew what to think of it, until the nightmares started. It was a stormy night in October that her mother and father awoke to the sound of their first born shrieking and sobbing from her room. They rushed to her aid and she began babbling about seeing people with dead looking faces torturing people with their bare hands.

The parents consoled their daughter, but felt concern for her well being. It wasn’t until three months of constant nightmares caused them to see a pattern forming. Every night she had a nightmare (which was about three times a week,) the following day, people would be found dead or tortured to insanity. They took her to St. Mungo’s and discovered that Hydra wasn’t ordinary; her aunt Morrigan’s seeing ability had passed down to her, but this came at a cost. For the rest of her life, Hydra would be assaulted by nightmares because her mind’s shields would be vulnerable in sleep, allowing her to see the horrors her mind had blocked out all day.

In addition to tormenting her brother, Hydra took to tormenting young Persephone. Unlike Orion, Persephone wasn’t good at quidditch, she had no skills in the sport whatsoever. She was terrified of heights and refused to leave the ground ever. Even the idea of it terrified her. So what would Hydra do? It was as simple as tying Persephone to her firebolt and sending it rocketing around the grounds of Nott Manor. But eventually the time came when Hydra was given her letter to Hogwarts. Very happy at the prospect of a magical school, she was eager to go.

On her first day, she was ignored by the girls she had been raised to think of as her cousins. It didn’t bother her, but she felt more alone than ever, until she was invited into a compartment containing a redheaded girl and a broody boy with dark eyes. The two, Juliet and Eric, became her best friends in Hogwarts, and all were sorted into Slytherin. Being friends with them made her realise how she had been treated by her ‘cousins’ was not something to be forgiven. So a grudge between the girls was formed, and soon, Hydra and her friends became the most feared bullies of the school since Draco Malfoy and his cronies.

Her brother came into school and was sorted into Gryffindor, and they eventually gained a begrudging respect for one another. Hydra’s biggest problem at school was dealing with her feelings for Eric, and dealing with the fact that her greatest enemy has her daddy working as the headmaster.

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Hydra Erin Nott
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