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 First Generation History: Severus Snape and Skyla Lamar

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PostSubject: First Generation History: Severus Snape and Skyla Lamar   Sun 5 May 2013 - 1:56

First Generation History:
Severus Snape and Skyla Lamar

Skyla Lamar was born to Richard and Anna Belden Lamar on June 21 1960. During her time at Hogwarts, Skyla was a member to Slytherin House and excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. As a student, she had trouble with Potions, however, one of her best friends, Severus Snape, had always helped her when she needed it.

Upon graduating Hogwarts, Skyla started Auror training in 1977. She completed her first two years. Then, in December of her final year, she suddenly quit her training and joined Lord Voldemort for reasons she kept to herself.

In January of 1981, Skyla turned to Albus Dumbledore after she was accepted as a Death Eater and into Voldemort's inner circle. She told him the truth of why she had joined Lord Voldemort and after some convincing, Dumbledore allowed Skyla into the Order of the Phoenix, where she became a double agent. Severus joined her in August of the same year.

In June of 1995, when Voldemort returned, Skyla resumed spying on the Dark Lord once more.

In July of the same year, Skyla witnessed the death of Lexie Patterson, her best friend's daughter. She blamed herself for not trying to stop it even though there was nothing she could do.

During September in 1995, Skya began teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

During her first Christmas teaching at Hogwarts, Skyla and Severus were caught in one of Skie Brushalie's pranks, Magical Mistletoe. It's powers kept those who were stuck under it there until they kissed. While waiting for Albus or another staff member to help them, Skyla said, "I wouldn't mind," and explained that if all it took was a quick kiss she didn't care to get it over with. There was a pause and eventually, they shared their first kiss together. (See Mistakes and Promises on Wattpad.com for the full Mistletoe incident story.)

Skyla, who held a childhood crush on Severus, immediately saw her mistake. Severus was in love with Lily. It didn't mean anything. She quickly brushed the feelings aside.

Later that night, Severus came looking for her asking for an explanation to why she ran. As she told him, she began to realize that what she felt was more than a silly childhood crush. She eventually stated that she had feelings for him and if he could try to keep Lily in his heart but open it up for someone else to share. He agreed to try.

Then, Skyla began to have strange visions with a little girl in them, most of them taking place in the school boathouse, and in each dream one factor remained the same: Severus was going to die.

Skyla eventually went to the Hall of Prophecies (see Chapter 11, Mistakes and Promises for explanation) and heard her own prophecy. Although names were not mentioned, Skyla knew it was hers because the prophecy glowed brighter and she could hear it out loud, unlike the others.

"Three paths will cross and a choice must be made...one will live...one will die...and the other must decide their fates...which will be the Sacrifice?"

Severus did not believe the prophecy at all and told Skyla to focus on other important things.

After the death of Albus Dumbledore in June, Skyla decided she wanted to have the wedding right away. Skyla, worried about the prophecy and the final battle that would eventually come, said she would rather be married for a short amount of time and die than not.

During the year of the Final Battle, Skyla announced to Severus that she was pregnant. She wanted to get rid of it immediately because of the prophecy. She felt that the baby was the other person from the prophecy. Severus convinced her otherwise.

During the Final Battle, Severus locked Skyla in the Headmaster's office while going to meet Lord Voldemort in the boathouse. He knew Skyla would try to do something to save him and end up putting their unborn child in danger.

After she broke Severus's charms around the room, Skyla raced to the boathouse. While doing so she slid and fell down the long stairway towards it. Unknowingly, Skyla had made her choice, chosing Severus's life over the safety of their child's. Quickly getting up she rushed in and found Severus on the ground, bleeding. She quickly took the blood replenishing potion around his neck that she had given him for Christmas because of her visions and bandaged him, in an attempt to save his life. Skyla was successful.

After Voldemort's death, Harry explained to everyone the truth of Skyla and Severus, as he saw through Severus's memories and the two were pardoned by the Minister of Magic.

Skyla and Severus would continue to work at Hogwarts, even though their jobs, appointed by Albus, were finished. Severus requested to continue to be Headmaster and, after some convincing and with Harry's help, he was aloud to do so.

Skyla took her position as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher again, as the job was no longer jinxed.

Three years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Skyla, age 36, announced that she was pregnant again. Nine months later, Lexie Lillian Snape, named after the late Lexie Patterson and Lily Potter, would be born.

Skyla, although she didn't tell Severus, already knew what Lexie would look like when she was older because of the visions she had about Severus's death. Lexie was the little girl.

Skyla loved Lexie and clung onto her, afraid to let go of her because of the troubled relationship with her own mother and the fact that Skyla had already lost one Lexie.
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First Generation History: Severus Snape and Skyla Lamar
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