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 About the Roleplay

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PostSubject: About the Roleplay   Sun 5 May 2013 - 1:27

Hogwarts Roleplay: The Second Generation
It is nineteen years after the first generation of the Hogwarts Roleplay. Many things are different. After the final battle, the grieving has stopped; children have been born and grown into young adults at Hogwarts. There is still pain, but it is no longer raw and stinging. The people who spent their lives fighting for the end of Voldemort are now grown up and have their own children. Everyone thought they were safe. That is until Mortemamator came.

She showed up and tortured Harry Potter, famous auror with nothing but her bare hands. She had mastered the ever rare wandless magic and everyone witnessed it. Then, the panic set in.

Suddenly, werewolves, half-blood, vampires, banshees, and anyone abnormal were showing up dead in their homes with a strange crescent moon above it. She was more deadly than Voldemort, and she had many more followers. They all were branded with a scar of a crescent moon with an ‘M’ over it. They all know wandless magic too. They are not afraid to kill anyone.

A new Order of the Phoenix began, led by Severus Snape and Skyla Lamar Snape, and many of those who fought Voldemort joined it to defeat this new threat. Many people cannot trust one another anymore, and the panic is even worse than Voldemort; for, nobody can seem to find her. She remains at large, yet in hiding. Her death count is piling up into the hundreds, those whom she has tortured into insanity in the thousands.

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About the Roleplay
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