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 Kole Sparks

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PostSubject: Kole Sparks    Mon 10 Feb 2014 - 23:16

Name: Kole Sparks (to be used later...)

Age/Year: 6th Year (16 years of age)

Blood Type: Half-blood

House: Ravenclaw

Bio/Past: Kole has a bit of a dark past that he's not quite fond of talking about. It has something to do with why his father has been missing for thirteen years and why his mother won't tell him what she does at the Ministry, nor why their attic has been locked for as long as he can remember. All that he knows is that authority figures watch him, and that his mother tells him to keep quiet about all the strange things that happen in their household. The mysterious coming and goings of shady characters of all species (trolls, goblins, half-giants, werewolves, vampires...) are bad enough, but he should especially keep quiet about how she is doing illegal spell and potion work in the cellar.

Due to this, he's been shy and slightly introverted during his six year stint at Hogwarts. His only form of refuge is playing as a beater for the Ravenclaw quidditch team. He has avoided human contact like the plague. His best subject is potions, much like his mother, and he also enjoys muggle self defense. His home is an old townhouse in the seedier part of muggle London, and he's been going to taekwondo classes in secret from his mother since he was eight.

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Kole Sparks
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