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 Andrew Simms and Francesca Montagne: History

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PostSubject: Andrew Simms and Francesca Montagne: History    Mon 6 Jan 2014 - 17:20

Both young and innocent in the first generation, these two were the best of friends. 'Andie' was a Gryffindor and 'Frankie' was a Ravenclaw. Constantly together, whether it was reading, studying, or sitting together in any and every class they shared. Together they snuck into the final battle, both of them narrowly escaping with their lives thanks to Erin Malfoy and a well aimed stunner sent at a death eater who had them cornered. After the final battle, they finished their schooling. During that time, Frankie, half-veela, went through puberty and suddenly all the boys were in love with her. Andie in his jealousy ended their friendship for a short time. They both went through phases of jealousy in their sixth year, but by the end, they both admitted to their love for each other. Both were Head Boy and Head Girl for their seventh year, and on their graduation day, he proposed.

Of course she accepted, and they were married two months out of Hogwarts. They were seventeen at the time. Both of them went into the business of becoming Aurors; she was an expert in defensive spells, he was an expert in protective spells. When they found out she was pregnant, it was during the start of Mortemamator. Everything was still new, and the attacks were rare and not so very brutal. Frankie gave birth to a healthy little girl, and they named her Agetha, after Andie's mum. Barely two months after the birth of their child, the two were called on an investigation in the outskirts of London, where there was some... strange people spotted.

It was a trick, they arrived, and were tortured to insanity. Not for information, like the infamous Longbottoms, but to put a message out to the world. Mortemamator WAS powerful. She was not to be trifled with. Their daughter grew up with Frankie's mother in southern France, they still reside in St. Mungo's hospital, in the insanity ward.
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PostSubject: Re: Andrew Simms and Francesca Montagne: History    Mon 6 Jan 2014 - 18:48

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Andrew Simms and Francesca Montagne: History
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