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 Scarlet Hunt

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PostSubject: Scarlet Hunt   Fri 3 Jan 2014 - 15:27

Scarlet Hunt
6th Year

Scarlet Hunt never knew her father. For her whole life up to this point, it was just Scarlet, her mother Abriel Hunt, and whatever man Abriel could get her hands on. Most of the guys weren't permament step-father's for Scarlet, however. The longest relationship Abriel has ever been able to hold with one of the guys was only half of a year. In secret, Scarlet always called the boys her mother would bring home "Abriel's Hunts."

Abriel is one of the followers of Mortamamator, so naturally she wants her daughter to be one too. Scarlet know's it's not the right thing to do, but she knows that Mortamamator is much more powerful than Voldemort ever was. Scarlet figures that if she wants to live, she's going to just have to listen to her mother and become a follower of Mortamamator. She just hopes she can keep her secret to herself at Hogwarts before she becomes more hated than she already is.
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Scarlet Hunt
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