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 Natalie Bell

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PostSubject: Natalie Bell   Thu 23 May 2013 - 7:57

Name: Natalie "Nate" Bell

Age/Year: 11

Blood Type: Halfblood

House: Hufflepuff

Her hair is a rusty bronze brownish color, almond shaped eyes with beautiful olive green eyes, has a fair sandy complexion.Rather skinny with stocky shoulders that she inherited from her father and lanky limbs.

A girl with an attitude yet cheerful demeanor, Has strong morals and patience, not afraid of speaking her mind and will stand up for the people who never leave her side. Curious minded she often wants to know about anything and everything in a interest she as which are not many.She interested in the unknown yet sometimes not having the nerve to follow. A girl of true mystery.

Born in a small town near London, Her mother is an Muggleborn Witch, Angela and Half Blooded Father Charles. They were both in houses of Ravenclaw during there years of Hogwarts and met each other there Sixth Year. Afterward they spent sometime away and rekindled there long lost love and eventually married and had children. Nate is the second child of Bell family and discovered her use of magic around the age of five when she made a birthday cake of her friend disappear out of nowhere.During this time her parents started introducing her the world of magic and surprised her and her older brother.Her older brother is a squib, born with no magic ability what so ever and because of this he has faint jealousy because of her magic there parents kinda pay more attention to her.And as time arose they grew distant she kept from him until she became afraid of who he has become.Until finally leaving for Hogwarts.

Wand: 10", Ash, Unicorn

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Natalie Bell
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