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 Alec Gregor Scott

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PostSubject: Alec Gregor Scott   Mon 6 May 2013 - 22:37

Alec Gregor Scott:
Age: 16
House: Hufflepuff
Muggle Born

Alec Gregor Scott grew up in Scotland in a muggle family. He went to school normally, he was just the average kid- with a mischievous streak. His pranks were legendary; and when on his eleventh birthday he was kicked out of school for his biggest prank ever. Initially his parents were furious at him, but then a woman in a tartan pair of robes showed up to his house, telling him that he was indeed a wizard. Which was why his pranks always turned out so famously, magic was aiding it. He happily went to Hogwarts and was sorted in Hufflepuff due to his loyalty (his mischievous streak ignored.)

He quickly became best friends with Fred Weasley the 2nd, and the two pranked the school all the time although Fred was two years older than him. Now that Fred graduated, Alec found himself alone. Now all he wants is friends, and revenge on the last person to pull a prank on him. Hydra Nott and her friends pulled a prank on him in the Great Hall on the last day of their fifth year. He stood up to leave breakfast, and when he did, he was lifted in the air by his ankles, and he had multiple glamour charms performed on him, so he ended up looking like a woman. After the whole hall was done laughing at him, he was transformed back into a boy and dropped right into a enlarged (by Hydra) bowl of porridge. Thus he was humiliated in front of his peers.

Alec was a bit of a wildcard, it’s been difficult for any girl to tame him into love. He refuses to love until he knows the girl completely and cares for her more than anyone. He wants to meet someone he can fully give his loyalty to; someone who will love him forever. He gets along fine with the boy known as Marcus, but he thinks Marcus is a little crazed and unpredictable, even more so than himself.
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Alec Gregor Scott
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