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 Benjamin Daniel Patterson

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PostSubject: Benjamin Daniel Patterson   Mon 6 May 2013 - 22:34

Benjamin Daniel Patterson
Age 16
Year 6

Ben was born to Erin Malfoy and Brian Patterson. His only other sibling, a brother, Cameron Brian Patterson. His family expands through blood-line and friends. He came from a family of wealth, his grandfather from his mother's side had been Lucius Malfoy, a feared member of society. He saw his Uncle Draco from time to time, usually getting small gifts.

His best friend, Marcus McFord, also a Ravenclaw, was a werewolf. Ben attempts to aid Marcus in getting the girl by being his wolf-man (wingman, but it's more fitting.). He also attempts to help him with controlling his wolfish tendencies.

Ben is a semi-respectable student. He usually has his work turned in on time and normally isn't in very much trouble. Most are small punishments, to which his mother sends a howler.

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Benjamin Daniel Patterson
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