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 First Generation History: Camille Mae Belle

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PostSubject: First Generation History: Camille Mae Belle    Mon 6 May 2013 - 21:53

Camille Mae Belle was born from an illegitimate relationship between a wizard and a muggle, but the muggle was already married, and she already had a daughter. Rather than get divorced, the muggle couple took out their frustration and anger on young Camille, who never knew of her father. Roderick Witte. She grew up without love or care from either her parents or her two siblings (the brother born after her.) It was a foggy Saturday when a drunk driver crashed into her older sister’s car, killing her on impact. The house went into a depression, and Camille was now shoved into the attic, she barely mourned her sister’s death. After a winter of hardships, on her eleventh birthday (April 17th) a woman visited her and told her she was a witch, and she was going to go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Days before she left for school, he brother fell into the nearby creek, hitting his head and drowning.

In her first years of Hogwarts she was relatively without friends, her only true friends being Mary-Anne Robbins and Sean Marberry. But in her fifth year, as the war became more prominent, she made unlikely allies with Erin Malfoy, Lavender Patterson, Skie Brushalie, and werewolf Davin Shippe. Erin was her new closest friend, and eventually a relationship formed between Camille and Davin. As time went on, a strain fell on the couple- mostly from her feelings of jealousy and inadequacy compared to the beautiful Skie who was Davin’s best friend. Camille went through many battles and fights with her own heart and values as she discovered Erin was a death eater.

By the end of that school year, more horror struck her family as her mother succumbed to the strain she had been experiencing from the past five years, and she murdered her husband before killing herself. She left it all to charity, Camille was left penniless. But Pomona Sprout was not to be deterred, she insisted on searching for Camille’s birth father; and she found a man who worked in the Sports Division of the Ministry. Upon meeting, Camille and her father immediately bonded; and she was invited to move into his cottage on Spinner’s End. Which was the same street that many of her friends lived on, much to her joy. She went to the wedding of the Snape’s and caught the bouquet.

Going back to her sixth school year, she found that many things had changed. Her only place she had left unchanged was The Room of Knowledge that she had discovered in her fifth year. Finally, the strains let loose, and she ended the relationship with Davin. Despite the her friends and she battling the evil of Voldemort and his followers on a daily basis, her year was relatively normal. Until of course, going home for winter break she was invited to meet her Aunt Morrigan; a seer, in her giant estate. The next few days became a whirlwind as Camille was tricked into marrying Cedric Nott; a death eater and follower of Voldemort. Her dismay was quickly ended though, when she realised he was truly a good man.

After a four month relationship, and even with the hatred received from her peers, she found herself in love with Cedric. Although Erin advised against trusting him, she accepted that her friend was in love. The eve of the final battle came suddenly, and she knew she wasn’t prepared for it at all. All of her friends, and the woman she thought of as a mother, Skyla Snape, went into battle.

The fight was intense and it took hours to complete. Within that course of time, Cedric was almost crushed to death by falling rock, she fought acromantulas, she finally mastered wandless magic (something she had been working on since she was twelve), and she was stabbed in the stomach by a falling piece of masonry. Only the quick thinking and potion skills of Erin saved her life, but barely moments later, it was revealed that Erin had murdered two muggles as a child. After a few beats of initial shock, Camille hugged her and accepted her secrets, as Camille had skeletons in her closet as well. She mourned for the death of Skie and Sean, but the grief would eventually pass. After all that had happened, all was well with her life.

About two years after the final battle, Camille had done great things with her life. She became a healer, and used Cedric’s manor (her aunt passed shortly after the final battle, leaving all her possessions to Camille) as an orphanage for all the children who lost parents in the war. Forty kids lived there under the care of professionals hired by Cedric and Camille. The two were very much in love, and were not the least bit surprised when they found out she was pregnant. A nine month, grueling pregnancy passed, and Hydra Erin Nott was born. Hydra after Morrigan’s middle name, and Erin after her best friend in her whole life.

She spoiled Hydra, and was forced to retire from the auror corps. but she didn’t mind. She loved being a mother, eventually Orion Sean Nott was born. Orion was her husband Cedric’s middle name and Sean for her best friend in school- who sadly died in her sixth year. After thinking they were done with children, Camille got a
surprise as she found out she was pregnant with little Persephone Lavender Nott. Delphine was simply named such as to match her parent’s theme of constellation names for their children. Lavender for Lavender Patterson; one of her other best friends.

Camille's Manor (the house in which the family lives in):

Nott Manor (orphanage)

Fun Facts About Camille!
-Her patronus in the beginning of her fifth year was a hummingbird, but after gaining friends and confidence, it began to change. The fierce protective nature of her friends and her new found fighting heart transformed the patronus into a grizzly bear, which  was what her animagus form was.

-Camille's wand is Rosewood, 12 3/4 inches, unicorn mane hair, springy. Good for defense spells.

-She initially was going to marry Davin, but after finding out about his lingering feelings for Skie, she broke up with him and gave back the promise necklace.

-She discovered the constantly used in the roleplay Room of Knowledge in the Slytherin hallways.

-The sorting hat wanted to put her in Slytherin; but she convinced it to put her in a friendly house, hopefully the one that would accept her no matter what.

-When she met Cedric, she was attracted to him, but since he had the dark mark, she didn't want to act on it.

-She got revenge on the man who murdered Sean during the final battle.

-Camille had been tortured three times during the war.

-In the beginning, she wasn't very fond of Erin, thinking she was as bad as Draco.

-Her wedding night was spent sobbing in her bathroom as she realized she had been forced to marry a death eater.

-The reason she was constantly sensing bad things about to happen was because she had the recessive seer gene.
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First Generation History: Camille Mae Belle
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