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 Agetha Francesca Simms

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PostSubject: Agetha Francesca Simms    Mon 6 May 2013 - 19:02

Agatha Francesca Simms
Age: 15
5th year

Frankie and Andy Simms were very much in love the day they got married fresh out of Hogwarts. It was barely a month later when they found out she was pregnant. Andy was ecstatic, and despite Frankie being pregnant, the two went to auror training and (her graduation from the academy being put off due to giving birth to Agatha) graduated to become aurors in The Ministry of Magic. Their happiness was very short lived, but it was still a happy time. Not long after Agatha turned six months old, her parents were called on an assignment with several other aurors to investigate strange sightings of people with dead-looking faces in a small wizarding village in the south of England.

As Agatha slept soundly in her grandmere's arms that night, her parents and their auror team were captured. Despite the fact that they disarmed the suspects, they found out that these were what mostly everyone called a myth. They were the Desirers of Evil; meaning they could perform wandless magic as a requirement from their feared leader. The team that was captured all but Frankie and Andy were murdered. The Desirers of Evil knew of the couple’s membership in the restarted Order of the Phoenix, and instead, to send a message, they tortured them into insanity. Andy and Frankie were left for dead, and were found the following morning by Auror Potter who had been sent to search with his team for the missing aurors.

Agatha grew up visiting St. Mungo’s every weekend to try to see if they would ever get better. Nothing changed, and Agatha lost hope by the time she was ten. She was raised by her grandmere in a small town in southern France, but when time came, and she was asked whether she wanted to go to Beaubuxtons or Hogwarts, she decided on Hogwarts. Only for the reason that she wanted to see the halls that her parents grew up and fell in love in. Her excitement grew as she boarded the train, but she was immediately spotted by a girl known as Hydra ‘the snake’ Nott. The girl and her cronies began a tradition of five years of tormenting Agatha. But she didn’t let that get her down.

She was put into Gryffindor and made friends with her tormentor’s brother. Orion, Ryan as she called him, was in her year, and despite the fact that he was a bit of an idiot, he was her best friend. The two were closer than she ever thought possible, her two other best friends were Cameron Patterson and Kerry Mullson. Eventually, an idea popped into young Agatha’s head. She began forming a thesis and an idea of how to bring her parents back into sanity; her skills in potions helped greatly. After three years of research and planning, Agatha thinks she has discovered the secret to saving her family. Although she has the extra baggage of being 1/4 veela to deal with too!

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Agetha Francesca Simms
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