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 Jay Willinson

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PostSubject: Jay Willinson   Mon 6 May 2013 - 17:39

Jay Willinson
Seventh Year

After the final battle, Lavender Patterson left to complete her Auror Training. Two years after that, Jay Willinson was born. Right from the start, his parents had hopes of their first born child's greatness. Being that his parents had fought in the Final Battle at Hogwarts, Jay always hoped he could live up to their expectations, and as he grew up those dreams and expectations were putting lots of pressure on him.

A lot of that pressure was taken off of him when in his first year Jay was sorted a Ravenclaw. Lavender was a little bit disappointed that her son wasn't a Gryffindor like herself, but she was proud that he was a claw and loved him just the same.

Jay went through school being the exact opposite of his younger sister, who was born just a year after him. She was the trouble-making type, and Jay always angrily blamed it on the fact that she was best friends with Lexie Snape. Whenever Lavender talked about all the things that Severus Snape did back when she was in school, he never seemed to pay attention to all the good that he had done, and continues to do.

In the summer after his fifth year at Hogwarts, Alexander allowed Jay to go to work with him. Jay's father didn't have just any ordinary job, however. Alexander was a dragon trainer, and this job always fascinated Jay whenever he would hear stories about Alexander's line of work at the dinner table. While Jay was watching the dragon's from a safe distance, he discovered that he could communicate with animals in a special way, simply by using his thoughts to control what the animals do. He kept this secret from everyone for a couple months until he accidentally used the power to control one of their household pets who was misbehaving and his sister noticed. Jay, now in his 7th year, hopes one day that he will become a dragon trainer like his father or maybe even the next Care of Magical Creatures professor at Hogwarts.
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Jay Willinson
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