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 Hazel Willinson

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PostSubject: Hazel Willinson   Mon 6 May 2013 - 17:29

Hazel Willinson
Sixth Year

Hazel Willinson was born just a year after her brother, Jay. He always teased her like older brother's do, and whenever she had her little "play dates" when she was younger, Jay constantly went out of his way to embarrass her. So you could say that they lived a pretty normal family life in the Willinson household. They were only normal, however, as far as a magical family goes. They had many magical creatures that lived in the house. Unknown to Lavender, they even had a hyppogriff hidden in the woods until it ran (or flew) away one day and probably terrorized the muggles next door.

In her first year, Hazel was proudly sorted in to Gryffindor. Because of that and because of her looks, she constantly got the "You're so much like your mother" from family, friends, and especially from her uncles, Brian and Kyle Patterson. If anyone teased (and still teases) Hazel more than Jay, it's her uncles. Because they were Lavender's brothers, she always had some funny or embarrassing story about the two of them that Hazel could bring up whenever they try to tease her.

After a couple of years at Hogwarts, Hazel started to notice that something strange was going on with her. Sometimes if she just thought of a spell or mumbled it to herself, the spell would be performed without even a simple flick or wave of her wand. This strange occurrence still happens to her now in her 6th year, but she pushes it aside, thinking that it's just nothing. Oh, how wrong she is.  lol!
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Hazel Willinson
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