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 Rules *Please Read Before Starting*

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PostSubject: Rules *Please Read Before Starting*   Sat 4 May 2013 - 12:47


1. No godmodding. No Mary Sues. No super special characters.

2. VARIETY IS NEEDED. Don’t just make Gryffindors and Slytherins, make a Puff or a Ravenclaw!

3. PLEASE make sure it sticks to our storyline. We were the people who made the Hogwarts Roleplay the way we wanted it, and we want the second generation to stay that way too.

4. No children of any of the Harry Potter characters (with the exception of Lexie). You have to make up your own parents, and past.

5. NO COPYING. You cannot copy anyone else’s character. No same celebrity who represents the way they look. No same past, no same last name or first name.

6. We can and will reject you if we need to.

7. Use proper grammar and spelling. Please.

8. If a spot in Quidditch has already been filled, you cannot take it.

9. You must ask if your character can be a follower of Mortemamator (with the exception of the first generation RPers as this was discussed previously).

10. NO BEING A SNAPE. You cannot have a double agent, or Beatrice will kill you.

11. There is a 10 person limit on who can follow Beatrice.

12. You may only make 1-4 characters.

13. You cannot be the child of a first generation character unless you ask.

14. No making a character be able to do wandless magic unless they follow Beatrice. (Other than Massie’s character, she asked if she could)

15. No killing without permission.

16. No having characters who are good at everything. Nobody in real life is perfect and therefore nobody here shall be perfect.

17. No doing something important unless the creator (me) or any of the original first generation characters approve it in advance. PM an admin for permission.
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Rules *Please Read Before Starting*
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